Chapter 7

Scott pushed himself through the crowd of church goers and placed himself in the back corner of wooden pews in hopes of not being seen by her.

Seats began to fill and he spotted her walking past him, closer towards the front rows. The older woman she walked in with, greeted the people sitting around her, smiling and making small talk. He didn’t know her name, but he had eaten at her bakery a handful of times before. Both times she smiled at him warmly, like a mother to a son.

The worship team stepped onto the low stage and began welcoming the congregation to the service. Throughout worship, Scott kept his eyes on Schuyler, he watched as she swayed back in forth to the music and bow her head at seemingly appropriate times. When the music was finished, the congregation sat in their seats and proceeded with the service. The pastor began his message and Scott grabbed a leather worn bible in the wooden compartment in front of him and pretended to follow along as to not become too focused on the girl. When it was over, he made a mad dash to the exit and towards his truck. He quickly unlocked the door and slid into the seats just as saw people coming out to chat. Schuyler and the older lady appeared smiling with a group of ladies, one he had recognized from the doctors office in town. They laughed and chatted for a few minutes before departing to their vehicles. Schuyler and the woman were walking towards him. Frantic, he put the key in the ignition and turned, but it didn’t start. He looked up to see the women standing two cars over. The older woman had spotted him with a concerned look and began to walk over. He could see Schuyler’s eyes follow the woman but thankfully didn’t stop on him.

“Sugar, do you need some help?” the lady said. He noted the kindness in her eyes that she gave everyone when they entered the bakery.

“Just trying to get my truck to start ma’am.” He turned the key again and could hear it start to turn and then die. He mustered a smile to her and she smiled back in a funny way before turning behind her.

“I can call a tow truck and wait with you. My daughter and I are only heading to lunch with some friends, but they’ll understand.”

Scott’s head jerked up at the word ‘daughter’ but tried to make up for his sudden motion by looking around the empty parking lot.

“That’s not necessary, Ms-”

“Carey, my name is Carey. Yours?”

“Scott.” He turned the key one last time, praying inwardly for it to start this time, it did, and he sighed with relief giving Carey a big grin.

“Well, Praise Jesus!” Carey exclaimed smiling back at him.

“Yeah, Praise him.” he revved up the engine a bit before putting it in reverse and gave her a polite nod before pulling out of his spot. He could see Carey looking at him from his rear view, like a mother watching her kid drive away. He didn’t bother to look at Schuyler standing at the car, he just kept going.

At the stop light before getting on the street to his house, he checked his phone and saw that none of his phone calls had been returned from Thomas and it worried him. This girl had been here for several weeks and no one seemed to care to look for her. Thankfully, he hadn’t heard any word about her in town so maybe she had kept her mouth shut.

He pulled up into the driveway of his small one level home and turned off the ignition. He sat in the seat, no rush to get out and began thinking that maybe he should go by and talk to him in person. He looked at his phone for the time and mentally noted that it would probably be busy at the house with customers, so he probably won’t be able to talk to him long. But it was worth a shot. He started the ignition of his truck without any issues, thankfully and smoothly pulled put of the driveway and began the drive to Nashville.


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