Open Season


  • parrēsia: boldness, confidence
  • having the interior immediately accessible
  • without covering, especially a protective covering ; unprotected;exposed

As the year comes to a  bittersweet close and you mentally jot down your resolutions, goals, dreams that you want to fulfill (and that you actually fulfill them), my prayer for you this upcoming year is:

That you let your arms shoot up in sweet surrender of trying to take control of everything out of fear.

That you bring forth boldness in the new things.

That you are void of what has held you back for way too long.

That in your openness, you encounter authenticity with God and others and that you find your identity in new relationships and your time with the Savior.

That your confidence in the God who knows your future, outweighs your “what-if” moments.

And finally…

That you wake up immediately  accessible to transparency, vulnerability and God given authority.

Happy New Year, my friend and welcome to your Open Season.


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