It is well…

Can you believe that 2014 is coming to a close? I absolutely want to jump out of my skin at the thought of the year that Jesus and I have conquered.

I love Christmas and all, but New Year’s Eve is hands down my favorite time of the year. There is never enough time to reflect really in my life, because I simply do not take enough time to do so, other than today. So as I laid on my couch this morning, in the moment where I’m usually so quick to get this year over with and ready to move on into the next, I actually smiled and embraced the adventure that I embarked on.

Like most, this year had its own theme, mine was all about risks. Daring to shake things up, stepping deeper into the deep end and waiting with great expectation for God’s waves to hit me. I can’t say that every wave was easy, but it was worth learning to endure and simply dive in to. I left behind my comfort zone, got my insecurities and pride shattered and watched as God lovingly, patiently and gently began to reshape me. I met amazing people and learned through them what I was capable of doing when I stopped looking behind me. I knew that me turning 25 this year would be my turning point and that there was no need to go return to old things. I don’t believe that I’ve had as good year like this in a long time.

Although I stopped making resolutions for a while now, I will say that I want to strive at taking risks and having that childlike wonder for the next thing God has in store for me, trusting him in every little move that I make.

So this is for the next big adventure that 2015 WILL be. Creating new and refreshing moments that leave me in awe and showing the very presence of Jesus in them all

Happy New Year, my friends ❤


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