To my future Husband

Day 30: Write a letter to your future mate saying whatever you want to say

Well hello there,

My heart is all at a mess right now as to what exactly I should say to you. But here is what I have:

I’m doing my best to not wait for you. I don’t want you to find me looking on the web for you or being pushed on some random blind date. I want it to be more than that. Me and You digging deep into the heart of God and some how, some way (comically I’m sure) we look at each other and link together perfectly.

Right now, I’m not presentable enough to meet you, not in regards to clothing or hair but what’s in my heart and soul. I never want to come to you broken and dirty. Because you don’t deserve that. I don’t want to come to you, begging for you to fix me and baby me because that’s not your job and I would hate for you to feel obligated to the task. 

So I will sit here silently and patiently in what I’d like to call my “Esther Season” and work on me before God allows you to find me. Yes, you will find me, because I shouldn’t try finding you or chasing after you..

And sweetheart, when this heart of mine is right, our adventure can begin. I want us to cook, serve and read the bible together. I want to laugh and have lazy days on the couch, ignoring the world. I can’t wait for the day the dates and the kids and the grand kids.

I want your desires to be my desires. I want to support each other in whatever craziness God has planned for us.

But I might put up a fight at first or come off a little shy. I may not feel like I deserve you and start pushing you away, but don’t let me go. If you know that I’m the one for you, be patient with me and keep chasing after me. I’ll come to my senses, stop running and hold out my hand for you to hold. Because I’ve missed out on a lot of good things in my life and I don’t want to miss out on another.

I don’t want or need a Hollywood romance because those seem so superficial and frail.

Let’s have one like Isaac and Rebekah, praying over each other when our bodies fail us. Or like Abraham and Sarah, believing that we are never too old to display the amazing promises of God.

I want a biblical marriage like those before us.

But until then, I will live without looking for you because I will be too busy looking at Christ.

That is where you will find me.

See you soon

-Brittney Noelle





Across the Pond

Day 29: Who is your closest or most special friend that you’ve never met and what do they mean to you? How did you cross paths? Talk about how you “met” them: Facebook, Twitter, an online support group, etc.

I was somewhat new to the “block” of Tumblr. I would write personal posts every once in a while but most of the time they were re posts. I didn’t reach out to her and neither did she with me, but we understood each other. We think we thought the same way towards life and God. We loved anything that brought out  our creativity and what not. I learned that she loved film, photography and Pixar. She spoke french and loved Christian Hip Hop just as much as I did. She has a beautiful curiosity and admiration for the heart of God and his son.

Somewhere in all that for maybe a year or so, we talked frequently in messaging and public posts. Then we added each other on Facebook and then our friendship kind of grew. We aren’t best friends but we are great friends none the less. We talked, we laughed, we skyped. I feel like I’ve grown in my relationship with God a little because of her posts or messages. We talk about visiting each other and getting crunk to the men of 116 and in either sides of our worlds. 

I hate that she lives so far away. There are times where I seriously just want her to live next door to me, or me live next door to her and just blag on about what ever is going on in our lives and read the bible together and soak in it’s words. But she lives in the UK.

One of these days, I’m going to leave the states and visit her and Simi. We’re going to do all the things we would have done if we didn’t live so far away and take plenty of pictures, making memories that we’ll talk about for ages.

Her name is Tosin and she is single handily the most unique person that I have been blessed to not me personally on this Earth. I seriously thank God that I’m getting to know her and that I will be able to meet hug her in the near future. I love you, T!


(Tosin is on the left, Simi is on the right. Yes. I have some pretty gorgeous friends)