The Shirt.

Day 25: Describe a moment when you “paid it forward.” What happened and how did it feel?

It’s funny how this is the topic and how I actually did this without knowing what today’s post was going to be. Since I’ve severely behind on this Single Woman Blog Challenge, I’ve doing my best to play catch up. (I have no WiFi in my new house).

I work in retail, specifically at Ross. I’m not a fan of my workplace, but I do however LOVE being in the stock room. I get to see the merchandise before it hits the sales floor (figuratively and literally), before it’s being picked over, tried on or ripped. Yesterday, I just so happen to being processing clothes (unpacking, hard tagging, sizing and putting on a hanger before placing it on a rack. All according to its department.) A lot of the things that we receive don’t usually catch my eye, until I saw a pack of gray shirts. On the front, I saw the familiar “Nightmare before Christmas” picture. Now, I’m somewhat of a Tim Burton fan, but I didn’t want this shirt for myself. Not in the least bit. But I knew that Robyn would.

Robyn is my Area Supervisor. At a first glance, she’s kind of intimidating. At least she was to me. She’s got the heavy black eyeliner, and the million piercings at least from the collar-bone up. She loves all things dark and creepy and the heavy metal music. I did not like her that much when she first started working at the store. She had a foul mouth (still sort of does) and she seemed to ALWAYS complain about something. But a few months ago, God arrested my heart when it came to Robyn and a few other associates. Although I do not like my job all that much, I knew that I was there for a reason. To be the salt and the light. So I saw that particular shirt and knew that I had to buy it for her. Over the past few months Robyn has worked her butt off for the position she is, and after hearing a ton of crap that she has gone through in my life, I knew I had to love on her just a little. I called on of my SPS guys over and shoved one of the shirts to him and told him that he needed to keep it away from her. Kudos to Kevin because he hid it well. When I got off the clock, I asked for the shirt, purchased it and called Robyn over. When I handed her the bag , she looked at me skeptically saying “What is it?”. The look on her face when she realized it brought me so much joy. We hugged, twice and she walked away.

How did it feel? It felt like Christmas in October. It felt better than receiving something. I don’t mind receiving things, but it wouldn’t be my love language. I think yesterday, I figured out that giving is something that I enjoy more. It just feels amazing.




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