The Graduation Song

Day 26: Name a song that makes you cry every time you hear it and why

I’m pretty sure that every one can relate with this one. If you were alive, either in transition of schools or going into some new chapter in your life and you heard the “The Graduation Song (Friends Forever)” you probably dropped a tear or two with this song.

To help you better understand the connection with this song for me, let me set the picture for you. I was leaving the 5th grade when this song came out. I had four other friends that I had become very close with. They were literally my only friends at that school. I wasn’t expecting us to ever split but as fate had us, we all were going to different middle schools. I wasn’t prepared for that. I knew that things would different but not THAT different. I wanted us to go off to middle school and high school together and still have our silly inside jokes, and if we were lucky, have the same classes together. But that wasn’t the case. When it came down to the last week of being a 5th grader, my little group of friends and I were hugged up against a wall crying and promising to be best friends forever. Then the song came one, and we cried some more until it was time to go home.

When I graduated High School, this song was played. I hadn’t listened to this song in years. And I cried again. It felt like deja vu. I realized that day that things were going to be the same after that. I was leaving what I so accustomed to and I hadn’t prepared myself for the change.

I think back to both those days and still feel some type of sadness, but then I’m happy that it happened. A small part of me does still wish were those same girls back in Kennedy Elementary school, singing in music class and eating lunch together. And a small part me again wishes that I was back in high school, at the wall or chilling in the band room, singing with all my friends. But then I shake the longing for familiarity and realize that there would have been no change. I cry because of change and the tears are all from fears that I won’t make it after that day. I listened to the song maybe a year or two ago and I teared up a little, but not for the longing to go back, but the desire to move forward. I thought about the future, of my high school reunion (which should be coming up soon btw) and couldn’t wait to introduce the person that I am now to the people that I graduated with. I got excited and thanked God that I didn’t continue on being the person that I left behind in high school. This song just reminds me of where I was and where I am now.

Oh the power of music. Gotta love it.



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