On my way to bible smuggling…

Day 28: Describe a moment when you made a big, bold move. In any area of life: Career, Love, etc.

It was in the month of July 2011 and I received a text message from a friend at Celebrate Recovery informing me about a Hong Kong interest meeting after Fusion. I told him I would go, just to appease him.

After service was over, I left the sanctuary and went to this meeting. The pale guy with pale blonde hair was speaking and I was listening to bits and pieces. And then I heard the words “we don’t like to call it ‘bible smuggling’…” My ears perked up. Home boy had my attention!  I skimmed through the brochure and saw all the different trips available…and the prices. $2,900 for two weeks. I didn’t have that kind of money and I definitely didn’t like having to ask for money. But I wanted to go SO bad. This same friend found me after the meeting and asked if I was going and I gave the typical answer “I’ll pray about it.”

I walked out the building and looked up at the night sky and said “I’m going aren’t I?”. I could have sworn I heard a chuckle in that empty parking lot. But the following Friday, on pay day might I add, I sent in my $100 deposit and began fundraising. It took all of me to not pull back and forget the whole thing. All my doubts decided to rush in for the next few months but God and my amazing team leaders kept pushing and stretching me out of my comfort zone.

One November 7th, I boarded the plane for my first mission trip ever. From the very begging to the end of the trip God beckoned me out of the mold that I formed for myself and Him. I found out that I didn’t doubt God so strongly and that I was able to do more that I could ever imagine for myself.

Now, all I want to do it go back to Hong Kong and serve the many brothers and sisters of the body and make an impact. Next year, God willing, I will be leading a new team to China to “smuggle” bibles and help spread the love of Christ to his people. This is a bold move as well because I’ve never done anything like this before. I’m taking this time NOW to grow in leadership and learn from other leaders and pastors so that I’m better prepared.

But I’m ready and I can’t wait!



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