Silent, deadly and sweet

Day 19: What is something about you that people would be surprised to learn?

I know, I know. My title sounds like a very confused flatulent. But it’s not about that, I promise.

With the people that know me the most, see my very deep thinking, very sarcastic and goofy side. At a first meeting, I’m none of those things. I tend to go inward and peep from my safe place. I observe you and somewhat figure you out and how you present yourself around others. Very few times, I’ll start a conversation with you. I’m super shy. I’m not the greatest at meeting new people, so I ignore you before actually talking to you. Especially with super attractive people.

For example, my wonderful co worker Josh was one of the few people at Ross that picked up on it. I believe he started working there back in January or February,  I didn’t  have a normal conversation with him until maybe April or May because I was too busy watching him. I think he even talked about it to my best friend and she flat out said “Nah, she’s actually hillarious. She’ll get to you eventually.” Side note: it took me a whole year before me and her to actually talk to her. Just to give you a visual.

I think I do this because I’m somewhat untrusting and I don’t like wasting time with people that will turn out to be well…. a waste. So I’m cautious and I think that its something that a lot of people don’t know about me.

So if you are reading this and I’m not sayinh much to you, I’m not stuck up or intentionally rude, I’m just cautious.


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