I guess this is growing up…

Day 12: Discuss your proudest accomplishment

I’d like to say that I’ve always been a bad ass at starting and successfully finishing something. But I haven’t. Or that I’ve had many times where I felt proud of some grand accomplishment. But that’s not true either.


But I have acknowledged, within recent days before tonight, that I’ve been through a lot and some how, some way over came it. I struggled for years with porn and found out what kind of a person I am with out it. I smuggled bibles in China and realized how brave I am that I want to do it every year if at all possible. I’m not hiding myself anymore and have become so transparent with who I am and how I feel that it not longer phases me if people think it’s odd. I refused/refuse to be fake and have since then linked pinkies with the person that God has created me to be. There hasn’t been a full on bear hug, but it’s slowly getting there. I can say that I’m looking forward to the full immersion of this new “Brittney” and I can’t wait to shed of this dead version of me. I do think however that my daily surrender to God is pretty good accomplishment because I’m not trying to always steal his job title.

So I guess I do have a proud accomplishment…
It’s simply growing up


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