Day 6: Sound off on the quote “Every woman has the exact love life she wants”

As my awesome friend Ginger said in her [kick you in the face] post yesterday, I’ve never heard of this quote. And I don’t necessarily agree.

I have a lot of friends that have come to me crying and complaining about their relationships. Immediately, especially with the ladies, I think to ask them about their relationships with their fathers. The answer is exactly what I expected and it breaks my heart every time. Women are professionals at having a list of what they believe is their ideal mate but they compromise for something the complete opposite. We pick the drunk, we pick the addict, we pick the controller, the abuser, the absent or we close our hearts off altogether. We accept the ones who haven’t matured or faced their own demons in an attempt to fix them or because we think we deserve it.

But we don’t have to. We deserve more, but most importantly we have to believe we deserve more.

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Worthless? Pathetic? You shouldn’t. Why? because you are the daughter of the King and daughters of the king do not get rotten fruit. We get the top, ripe, full of flavor only worthy of royalty fruit. You are royalty and need to see yourself as such.

Being a lover of music, I like to read the lyrics before I actually hear the song. One of my favorite songs in the whole world helped me see myself differently. It’s called “King In Me” by W.L.A.K (We Live As Kings). Every time I hear this song, my heart goes nuts. The lyrics fire me up and help change my thinking and remind me of who I belong to. Yes, the word “King” is in the title, but don’t doubt that this isn’t for you ladies.

Our D.N.A. is that we can say He is with us
Who cares who’s up against us
There’s nothing that we should ever fear
So don’t be bound by the pain and live life like ya dead
  Just that crown is blood stained
It’s a price on your head
The same spirit that in truth raised Christ from the dead
The same spirit lives in you when you rise from the bed
Wake up homie
Kings that fall to their circumstance ain’t us homie
We reign, its time to see what it really was
A bunch of kings and queens is what lives in us

So to my sisters in Christ (or not), my question to you is this: Who do you belong to? Because when you know who you belong to, you know who & what you deserve. When you know what you deserve you will have the love life you want.


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