I am here.

Day 7: Where you are in your life vs Where you thought you would be

Back in highschool, I hated myself because I felt that everyone hated me or disapproved of me. I was the token black girl in my group of rocker friends. I tried to blend in with the crowd because I felt that I was supposed to. The confidence in myself wasn’t there and I didn’t really have a goal for my future.

Today? I’m a thousand times better than I thought I would ever be. I like myself more everyday and I don’t cringe at my own reflection. I still don’t necessarily have a firm goal for my future but I know that I’m a little more confident in whatever God places in front of me, I can accomplish it. I’m more of the person that I want to be rather than who think I’m supposed to be for others and I don’t care if they like it or not. I’m me, I’m his and I’m here.


And I’m okay with that.



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