Day 5: The biggest misconception you think people have about single life

That we are doing something wrong…

No my friends, the majority of us, I would like to believe, are doing something right. Yes we are single and yes we would LOVE to change that but we aren’t defected. We are merely single. We want a life, we like and want to embrace freedom and mature before we try going on to the next one.

I had an experience once where a guy that I see at a gas station by my house asked me if I’m still single. We’ve talked enough over the years for him to have full permission to ask this question, so this wasn’t out of line or awkward. I told him that I am indeed still single and proceeded to pay for my gas. He looked at me like I had a problem and began to tell me to hurry up, asked me what I’m waiting for and told me I should just become a lesbian. Now, lesbi honest (sorry, had to) I was little offended and became slightly defensive at his suggestions. I hate that society thinks that because we are single we have to lower our standards to theirs (or lack of) to find happiness. No we don’t and we shouldn’t have to. I’m sorry if our singleness may bother you but I will not apologize for enjoying where I am and not rushing. I believe what this world needs is a view of the single women who are not desperate. There have been too many distorted images of us being desperate and lonely, impatient and too needy. And my favorite, the woman that acts like they don’t need a man to cover up the hurt from her past. THAT is doing something wrong.

But what some of us are doing, is just enjoying us. We aren’t rushing or thirsty. We are content.



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