When singleness sucks…

Day 2: Describe a moment or a day when being single really sucked.

When your friends are with their significant other and you’re the 3rd wheel (..or there 5th wheel…or maybe even the 7th.)

When you get invited to weddings and it’s time for couples to dance and you feel like such a loser sitting at a table by yourself.

When you hop on Facebook and see someone has just gotten engaged.


But the time that I have really felt single is when I cook and there is no one else but myself to enjoy it. Or when I bake the most amazing red velvet cake and there is no guy to appreciate the cream cheese icing that I made to perfection. I hate enjoying good food alone. I hate that I’m in the kitchen and there isn’t someone to stand by my side talking with me while I stir. I don’t like it. It absolutely sucks.


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